Myldr Energy Park Fyresdal

An attractive location for data centers and other power-intensive industries

Myldr Energy Park Fyresdal - an attractive location

Myldr Energy Park is located in Fyresdal municipality, approximately in the middle of southern Norway – only 230 km from Oslo, 170 km from Kristiansand and 260 km from Stavanger. The municipality has significant access to renewable and clean energy, large forest resources and a 240.000 square zoned industrial area. This makes the site a particularly attractive location for the establishment of power-intensive industry such as data centers and bio-based industry and – not least – businesses that can utilize surplus heat in their production.

Clean, renewable and short-distance energy

Fyresdal municipality has access to significant amounts of renewable, clean and short-range energy. Myldr Energy Park is very conveniently located in relation to power lines and where this hydropower is produced. This means short-distance electricity and minimal transport losses.

This means that we can offer good framework conditions for data centres, bio-industry and other power-intensive industries.

In particular, we will create the right conditions for businesses that can utilize excess heat from data centers and other power-intensive industries. We believe that companies in industries such as e.g. fish farming, wood drying, and food production, will have good opportunities to succeed in Myldr Energipark Fyresdal.

240,000 square meters zoned area

Myldr Energy Park will be established in connection with the existing industrial area at Molandsmoen in Fyresdal. The energy park itself comprises 240,000 square meters zoned business area, where the conditions are very favorable for new establishments, both in relation to infrastructure and development costs.

A modern industrial park

We will develop a modern and sustainable industrial park that focuses on competitive conditions, local commitment and conscious use of environmentally friendly materials. The building concepts are currently on the drawing board, but we are keen to develop an industrial park that takes into account both the surroundings and the tenants` needs. Myldr Energy Park Fyresdal will become a modern industrial park where the players thrive and of which the local population can be proud!

A business-friendly municipality

Fyresdal is a forward-looking and business-friendly municipality. Here you will find that it is always a short distance to decision-makers and service providers in the municipality and private partners. There are many of us in Fyresdal who would like to contribute to your success, so that together we can create new sustainable and profitable businesses and safe workplaces in Myldr Energy Park and our municipality.


Utvikler industribygg i heltre

Myldr Energipark Fyresdal skal bli en ledende lokasjon i Norge for etablering av datasenterindustri i kombinasjon med biobasert, kraftkrevende industri! For å kunne bli et fremtidsrettet industriområde utvikles nå nærings- og industribygg i heltre.
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Are you looking for a favorable location for power-intensive business such as e.g. data center operation or bio-based production? Or do you have a business idea that can utilize excess heat? Contact our General Manager, Olav Veum, by e-mail or telephone, or use the contact form below.

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